About Us

We live in a complex and interrelated world. We also face the challenge of making sense out of the flood of information and knowledge coming out of this complicated world.

For example, poverty is not just an economic problem. It has human, ecological, political, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. Corruption is not only a political problem; it has human, cultural, and economic dimensions. Global developments drive Philippine economic performance to a great extent. Spiritual practice is empty and even dangerous if it is divorced from global and national realities.

TruthForce! offers a guiding framework to make sense of our complex and interrelated world. The framework affirms the three basic realities that we all directly experience: our self, nature, and society. TruthForce! recognizes that society, in turn, has three distinct but interrelated realms: economic, political, and cultural. The TruthForce! framework therefore deals with ecological, human, social, economic, political, and cultural realities and dynamics.

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TruthForce! Editorial Team:

Nicanor Perlas, Editor-in-Chief
James Sharman, Supervising/Managing Editor
Larnie Garcia, Writer/Researcher
Joey Mendoza, Contributing Editor
Rowena Ante, Office Staff
Andreas Schmidt, Volunteer and Intern

We are also currently in the process of bringing together a national and global network of correspondents and writers for TruthForce! in order to bring you more varied and original content.