Press Release: Dungog Panay 2005 - Iloilo City

Dungog Panay Press Statement

Contact: Charrie Perlas

Group of Local Professionals to Organize Cultural Event
Dungog Panay 2005
"Celebrating Excellence for a Visionary Panay"

A Celebration of Positive Images and Initiatives for a
Sustainable Future

Amidst the worsening political and financial crisis and a seemingly hopeless situation, a group of Ilonggo professionals is celebrating ‘Dungog Panay’ to refocus on optimism rather than pessimism. Dungog Panay is inspired by the January 2005 Karangalan Festival and Conference in Manila that demonstrated the importance and effectiveness of building upon the strengths, successes and positive attributes of the people as seeds for a positive future. Karangalan also showed the crucial role of art and culture in balancing and deepening the understanding and appreciation for excellence.

"For a better country we have to reinforce the good works by celebrating the successes of many Filipinos," said Dr. Charrie Perlas, President of the Professionals for Social Responsibility (Pro-SR). "We have invited speakers of national and global recognition who have contributed positive change in their spheres of influence and who can share with us their experiences towards achieving a better society," she added.

Dungog Panay will be held on November 12-13, 2005 at the West Visayas State University Cultural Center. This celebration is intended to send a strong message that indeed the other Philippines including Panay is already in our midst. The ideas, the talents, the initiatives are there to serve as inspiration for others. The program will thus have a mix of lectures, artistic performances, action-oriented workshops or interactive discussions and exhibits that organically weave and reinforce each together as a whole.

The proponents and organizers of Dungog Panay are Lifebank Foundation, Pro-SR and individual artists and cultural workers. All these groups and individuals are based in Panay Island.

Joseph William Albaña, President of Tagupsi Foundation and Vice Pres. of the Iloilo Heritage Council said, "People despair about the Philippines, yet in our midst are individuals and groups who are already creating the foundations of another, more visionary Philippines. We only need to come together to make our dreams a reality. Let us all work in reinforcing the good and upholding the best in Filipinos to make a better Philippines!"

The workshop groups and exhibits will focus on ecological restoration, renewable energies, strategic micro-finance, health, entrepreneurship, and important cultural and historical discoveries in Panay, education, innovative artistic approaches, and related topics.

The first day of the conference will focus on education, ecological issues and achievements. The second day will highlight outstanding micro-finance and micro enterprises. On both days, artistic and cultural performances and events will enhance the substance of both ecological and micro enterprise contributions in addition to contributing their own substance.

For more information, contact Charrie Perlas: 09189134383