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June 05
KARANGALAN 2006 – Its happening!

May 05
Karangalan Mid-Year Event
Can You See the Butterfly?.

PRESENCE : Human Purpose and the Field of the Future
For more information, read the A book report by Marisol D. Lopez, President, Organizational Change Consultants International Inc. (OCCI).

April 15
The Challenge to Leadership with Dr. Otto Scharmer
For more information, read the flyer.

February 28
Articles on Karangalan
Visioning not edible, but dreams can come true for RP. 27 Feb 2005
Live at Karangalan. 29 Jan 2005
Impressions of a Positive Pinay. 29 Jan 2005

January 18
Workshop Schedules
List of Exhibitors Viewing Exhibits is Free!
List of Workshops

January 16
News Flash
This news flash alerts readers of TruthForce! about three important announcements, in connection with the Karangalan Event. The first relates to the Event’s policy on cameras and video recorders. The second updates readers and participants on recent and upcoming news coverage of Karangalan. And the third relates to the new closing program of Karangalan. (More. Click Here.)

January 10
News Flash - Karangalan on TV

January 7
Briefing Paper Updated.
Program Updated
Invitation Letter Updated

January 6 - Exhibit Guidelines Updated

January 5 - The Philippine's largest media network, ABS-CBN, will launch a TV series known as the ABS-CBN Forum on the Filipino Future from Monday to Friday, January 10-14, 2005, from 9-10pm. This revises the schedule mentioned in the article Tri Media Discovers Karangalan.

Nicanor Perlas, TruthForce Editor-in-Chief, will be interviewed on the first day, January 10.

December 15 - Registration Deadline Extended to January 10. Click Here for more information.

December 15 - "Stop the Negativity." Article by Panjee Tapales Lopez which appeared in the Dec 05, 2004 issue of Philippine Star.