Guidelines for Exhibitors to the Karangalan Conference

Additional information as of January 6, 2005

1. Each exhibitor will have a flat wall space of 2.39 x 3 meters (2.39 meters is the height from the floor to the ceiling).

2. Each exhibitor may bring a table and some chairs but these must not protrude more than half a meter from the wall.

3. For security purposes, each exhibitor must submit a detailed list of the various equipment and materials they will be bringing in and out of the CCP bldg. Please have this list ready before January 18, 2005.

4. Ingress will be on January 15, starting at 9am. Those with large materials to bring in are requested to use the rear entrance door (consult the guard at the side entrance). Otherwise, use the side entrance and get clearance from the guard on duty. They should have a copy of the list you submitted.

5. Egress will be on the evening of January 23rd.

For any questions please call 3708158

VERSION 1. December 15

1. Exhibition area will be at the hallways of the second and third floors of the CCP main theater.

2. Each exhibitor will be allotted 2 X 3 m wall space to present their work. Exhibit should already be mounted on Boards (of whatever materials) and ready to be hung on the walls along the hallways.

3. Any appropriate medium of expression may be used.

4. Exhibits will be classified according to the 7 dimensions of sustainable development stated in the registration form (i.e. culture, ecology, economy, human development, politics, spirituality, and society). Depending on the final aesthetical design, the Committee on Exhibits and Workshops will assign the corresponding place of each exhibitor.

5. To ensure that the all exhibits can be harmonized, exhibitors must submit the concept and a description of their exhibit. The committee on exhibits and workshops may suggest revisions or additions when necessary to achieve consistency and coherence with the themes of the conference.

6. Ingress is January 15. Exgress is January 25.

7. For further information please call Jake Tan 370-8158 or Brenda Fajardo at 721-0091.