Karangalan News Flash

This news flash alerts readers of TruthForce! about three important announcements, in connection with the Karangalan Event. The first relates to the Event’s policy on cameras and video recorders. The second updates readers and participants on recent and upcoming news coverage of Karangalan. And the third relates to the new closing program of Karangalan. On the Use of Cameras and Video Recorders A WORD OF ADVICE FOR THOSE ATTENDING THE EVENT. For security precautions, the Cultural Center of the Philippines will allow only authorized cameras and video recorders from the media to enter the premises of the Main Theatre. As the Karangalan event draws near, tri-media continues to cover Karangalan. Kindly watch for the following.



  • ABS CBN’s TV Patrol World, at 630pm, prime time, on Monday (January 17), Friday (January 21), and Sunday (January 23). Note that TV Patrol World goes on for one hour. The exact placement of the news coverage on Karangalan is not known but will take place within this one-hour time.
  • ANC’s Boy Abunda on Thursday, 20 January, from 9-10pm.
  • ABS CBN Magandang Umaga, Bayan, Tuesday or Wednesday, in the morning.
  • Bansalangin Program in Radio Veritas, 846AM Band, 9-10pm, Friday, January 21.
  • Live coverage from Voice of the Youth Radio, 1536AM Band and Bansalangin Radio
  • Spot announcements sponsored by the Kapisanan na mga Brodcasters ng Pilipinas (KBP), the national association of radio broadcasters.
  • Philippine Star, Lifestyle Section, Article by Impy Pilapil (15 January 2005)
  • Philippine Star, Lifestyle Section, Lead Story, Article by Panjee Lopez and Mons-Romulo Tantoco (16 January)
  • Lead articles from both the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star.
  • Business Day magazine, 17 Janauary 2005 issue.
Closing Program on Karangalan

One of the key traits in Philippine culture is bayanihan, helping those who are in need. One of the organizers of Karangalan has just been back from Quezon, the province which was devastated by three consecutive typhoons, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless. The typhoon refugees in Quezon are requesting continued assistance, especially thousands of rain boots.

In response to this need, the organizers of Karangalan are modifying their Closing Program to make the event as rain-boot and fund raising event for the typhoon victims of Quezon. WE ARE THEREFORE REQUESTING ALL PARTICIPANTS, INCLUDING SPEAKERS AND ARTISTS, TO COME TO THE EVENT WITH THEIR RAIN BOOTS ON. The boots will be donated for use in Quezon Province.

Rain boots are made for walking, in the muddy and rock-ridden roads of Quezon. Rain boots are also the symbol for rolling up our sleeves and doing some real concrete, hard work in rebuilding the country. Have boots will travel!