Karangalan List of Workshops

1. Anthroposophical Society In The Philippines (ASP)

"Balancing Self Development and Societal Transformation:
Right Living for the Modern World"

Joaquin G. Tan, Co-Founder, ASP

2. Anthroposophia Wellness Foundation

"The Role of Health Care in Building a Visionary Philippines"

by Divina Hey-Gonzales MD

3. Asian Social Institute

"Socially Engaged Spirituality"

by Arlene Natocyad, Mina Ramirez PhD, Reynaldo Romero

4.  Association For Appreciative Inquiry (AAI or Double AI)\

"Appreciative Inquiry to Create a Visionary Philippines: or Imagine Philippines"

Fr. Greg Banaga, Dr. Rose Fuentes, Dr. Juan Kanapi

5. Bansalangin Movement/MMO Card Corp. –

"Bansalangin - Himala ng Nagkakaisaang Dalangin"

Mikey & Kitting Gelano, & Marlyn Ortiz

6. Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centers

"The Power of Positive Thought" & "Everyday Spirituality"

by Rebecca R. Ortega

7. Cavite Institute

"The New Story of Creation: A Basis for Environmental Renewal"

by Fr. John Leydon Friday 2 – 4 pm

8. Center For Health And Creative Arts  (CHACRA)

"Goldies:  Welcome To The Grace Years"

By - Mariel Francisco, Gilda Cordero Fernando Ging Naguiat, Rose Scott, Orland de Guzman

9. Department Of Interior And Local Government

"Creating the Future Today"- Local Governance Performance System"

Ronaldo M. Acosta

10. Diocese Of Imus Ecology Commission (DIMEC)

"How to Organize a Municipal Multipurpose Ecological Cooperative".

By  Gilberto D. Urubio

11. Haribon Foundation

"An Overview of Philippines Biodiversity"

By Prof. Blas R. Tabaranza Jr.

12. Lingkod Tao Kalikasan (LTK)

"Working For Sustainable Communities: The Crucial Role Of Humans In Maintaining The Earth Life Proccesses"

Sr. Aida Velasquez & Philip Penaflor

13. Management Association Of The Philippines

"Strategic Policy Options for Enhancing Interboundary Trade of Recyclables"

Dr. Corazon P.B. Claudio, Bebet Gozun, Albert Magalang, Tony Chiong

14. Philippine Federation For Environmental Concerns

"Changing Mindsets, Taking Actions for a Better Philippine Environment"

Perry S. Ong, Chairperson, Philippine Federation for Environmental Concerns, Associate Professor, Institute of Biology, UP Diliman, Convenor, Biodiversity Conservation Program, UP CIDS

15. Steiner Education

"Steiner Education: Education for Life"

Bella C.  Tan, Co Founder – Manila Waldorf School

16. Vipassana Meditation Society Of The Philippines

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana (Meditation in Prison)

A Video Presentation