Posted on April 9, 2005 - 5:40pm :: ISD-Philippines | Economics
by Jasmin R. Uy
April 6, 2005| The Freeman, Philippines

TF! Editorial Comment: Chemically intensive or "green revolution" agriculture has led to a wide range of negative impacts on farmer's health, ecology and nutrition. Sustainable approaches to agriculture, on the other hand, aim to increase yields of health-giving foods in ways that nurture the soil, the farm, and the surrounding environment. In the article below, concerned groups in Bohol are trying to turn the recent poisoning tragedy into an opportunity to reassess and redirect agricultural development in the province towards a sustainable future.
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Ellen P. Red, Correspondent
February 21, 2005 | BusinessWorld

TF! Editorial Comment: Small-scale economic initiatives have a great potential for creating livelihood opportunities in poor communities. When these efforts are consciously tied to the local resource base in a sustainable manner, and are linked with other enterprises, one can begin to see the basis for creating more vibrant local economies. As revealed in the article below, one person's insight and initiative has resulted in a thriving handmade paper enterprise that not only provides employment but also showcases creativity, craftsmanship and environment friendly production methods in a small Mindanao municipality.
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By Rose Dela Cruz
January 25, 2005 | The Philippine STAR

TF! Editorial Comment: One of the challenges in rural development is the expansion of value added enterprises in agriculture. In the article below, one Aklan-based entrepreneur is finding success in a variety of innovative products that add value to locally sourced produce.
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By Dennis D. Estopace
January 25, 2005 | ABS-CBN

TF! Editorial Comment: While the title of this article may be misleading, an increasing number of businesses are stepping in to address larger social issues, including poverty under an umbrella concept called corporate social responsibility. In the Philippines, the group Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) is aligning its thrusts with the Millennium Development Goals of the UN in an effort to mobilize the business community to move collectively in addressing critical social issues.
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January 11, 2005 | The Philippine STAR

TF! Editorial Comment: Recent tragedies have again highlighted the loss of Philippine forest cover, and with it, the sustainable supply of forest products, including lumber. In the article below, an engineer has developed a renewable source of "wood" made from coconut fronds that has the potential to not only save trees, but can also provide additional income to marginal coconut farmers.