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By Rexcel John Sorza
February 14, 2005 | ABS-CBN News

TF! Editorial Comment: The prestigious award recently given to a Philippine marine biologist is particularly meaningful given the fact of the country's significant position in terms of global biodiversity and endemicity in both coastal and upland ecosystems. The article lauds this achievement but makes it clear that Ms. Honculada knows the urgency of the challenges and has no intention, in true award-winning fashion, of sitting on her laurels.
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By Ayn Veronica de Jesus photo by Marianne Bermudez
January 26, 2005 | Manila Times

TF! Editorial Comment: Micro-finance programs primarily target women micro-entrepreneurs. And these women are helping support their families, propelling the rural economy, and literally working their way out of poverty. In the article below, three women entrepreneurs are featured with many thousands more engaged in similar efforts to build a better life through economic endeavor.
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By Corazon C. Aquino
January 25, 2005 | The Philippine Star

TF! Editorial Comment: In a time of political upheaval, a housewife became an unlikely leader of and symbol for the various forces seeking hope. It is now a different time and while there is no longer a dictator to oppose, the country still confronts the urgent challenge of sustainable development. And Corazon Aquino's leadership is still a beacon for change. In recent years, she has, as private citizen, returned to the theme of hope. In particular, she has said, hope lies in the work of civil society, including NGOs, that seek to better lives and countrysides. In the article, she seeks to get behind successful NGO work in the intractable areas of housing and livelihood opportunities, citing the effectiveness of microfinance among others. In difficult times, a leader is needed to simply show the way. She has chosen to share the light with new leaders that have risen to the call of the times and the many ways hope can be realized.
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January 18, 2005 | Sunstar

TF! Editorial Comment: The youth are a natural constituency for promoting a sustainable future. In the article below, a group of young people in Panay island, concerned about the dangers of coal-fired power plants, are capitalizing on the their love for the environment to educate themselves and raise awareness in their communities.
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Tina Arceo-Dumlao
19 December 2004 | Philippine Daily Inquirer

TF! Editorial Comment: The article below is part of a series that features CEOs who have taken to heart their corporate social responsibilities and see this as more than just token gestures for public relations and tax avoidance schemes. They are perhaps the exception rather than the rule, but a confirmation nevertheless of the transformative power of the individual and the essential role of the private sector in the development of the country and the alleviation of poverty. Interestingly, those who have proven successful, see to it that they work closely with both civil society and the government rather than go it alone. This too is a sign of the future where authentic partnerships contribute to sustainable development.