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Isaac Baker
Feb 15, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: The documentary is emerging as a potent but perhaps inadequate antidote to the increasing corporatization of media. It is a well-accepted truism that a "free press" is critical to a functioning democracy, but as discussed in the article below, a new documentary is pointing to biased and uncritical media coverage of the Iraq War as a driving force in shaping public opinion.
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Patricia Grogg
Feb 11, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Despite its awkward position in the community of nations, Cuba is increasingly a source for many innovative initiatives that address social and environmental issues and find even wider application outside the country. In the article below, a Cuban innovation in literacy education is giving a new boost to global efforts to fight adult illiteracy.
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A nonprofit explores radical approaches to restoring the earth

By Patricia Watts, Community Arts Network
February 3, 2005 Issue | UTNE Reader Online

TF! Editorial Comment: Art is already a powerful medium of communication. When combined with environmental activism, artistic approaches open new avenues not only for the experience of art but also for transforming our connection with nature. As the article below describes, artists are using "ecoart" to awaken communities' environmental awareness in unique ways. (visit the original web site for the full story.)
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Michael Mendizza
2004 | Touch the Future

TF! Editorial Comment: The clamor for educational reform is being heard in societies across the globe. Most current graduates lack the talents, skill and creativity needed to address the human, social and environmental challenges that are emerging in our rapidly changing world. As the article below discusses, no less than a revolution in education and parenting is needed so that learning is taken seriously as a life-long process, and only thusly empowered, can creative, responsible and caring adults can lead us forward into a sustainable future.
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By Radzini Oledan
December 15, 2004 | Sunstar

TF! Editorial Comment: Human Rights are those rights that everyone everywhere has by virtue of being human and are the foundations of a just society. Thus, human rights are universal, inalienable and also interdependent as reflected in the universal declaration of human rights. As discussed in the article below, cultural relativism fails to acknowledge this fundamental universal aspect of human rights but, as the article rightly points out, human rights are context specific and may have different applications in different cultures, yet they still must be affirmed and protected.