Posted on February 19, 2005 - 11:10pm :: ISD-World Affairs | Society
José Rampal*
Feb 15, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Poverty eradication is an increasingly hot topic and urgent challenge 10 years down the road from the World Summit on Social Development. (See Related Article.) The global poverty situation is both pervasive and diverse. As discussed below, the rural face of poverty needs special attention and priority given the disproportionate share of poor people who live in rural areas. This fact alone underlines the importance of agriculture and rural development to poverty eradication strategies.
Posted on February 12, 2005 - 11:20pm :: Good News | ISD-World Affairs | Society
Julio Godoy
Feb 8, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Major progress has been made in recent years to combat the plague of tobacco use. Culminating perhaps in the recently passed Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the on-going campaign against tobacco use has been a partial victory for health, environment and corporate responsibility advocates. In the article below, Europe, long associated with smoke-filled cafes and public areas, is finally clearing the air by taking a stand for public health. It is hoped that many more countries can follow suit given that tobacco companies are shifting their operations to the global South.
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Sanjay Suri
Feb 5, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: The inescapable logic and reasonableness of a debt relief program for the poorest countries is gaining currency even in G7 circles. This relative breakthrough in terms of debt relief coupled with poverty eradication has been a consistent theme of many in civil society striving for sustainable development. Although major hurdles remain, the article below gives a measure of hope that genuine progress is indeed possible on this long-standing issue of debt relief.
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Thalif Deen
Jan 17, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: The merit of the Millennium Development Goals is that they have finally put a spotlight on poverty as the core issue, where so much past effort has been concentrated on symptoms. The connections between poverty and major issues such as terrorism and environmental degradation are also being clearly made. The article below discusses the outputs of a new UN report and plan of action aimed at poverty alleviation--a report that has nevertheless come under criticism from civil society for being overly academic and lacking genuine participation among others.
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Vandana Shiva
January / February 2005 | Resurgence Magazine Issue 228

TF! Editorial Comment: Every day we eat, but it's not that often that we stop to contemplate the food system that gives us life and why, in a world of abundance, there is still so much hunger. In the article below, Vandana Shiva reminds us of the sacred nature of food and how, through it, we are connected to the web of life--complex relationships that are being destroyed by industrial mindsets. By nourishing the web of life, we "solve the agricultural crisis, the health crisis and the crisis of poverty."