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February 24, 2005 | GreenBiz, DC

TF! Editorial Comment: A growing number of companies are finding that a commitment to sustainability can also make sound financial sense. Their commitment to continual improvement through concepts like the triple bottom line is showing the way in terms of corporate social responsibility. As told in the article below, Fetzer Vineyards is going all out in its pursuit of sustainability, including organic production methods, with ripple effects on its parent company.
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Daniela Estrada*
Feb 23, 2005 | Tierramérica

TF! Editorial Comment: One of the criticisms of elite globalization has been its homogenizing effect on culture and identity among others (See Related Articles, 805 and 806 This Issue). The world's cultural diversity and the wealth of wisdom to be found in indigenous knowledge systems is a living heritage with intrinsic value. It has also produced numerous innovations in all areas of endeavor. In the article below, a Chilean indigenous communities' medicinal and nutritional lore is proving to be an entry point for greater recognition and appreciation of local indigenous culture and identity.
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By P. Viswa Nathan
February 21, 2005 | BusinessWorld

TF! Editorial Comment: With climate change in the headlines, it is hoped that more headway can be made in the effort to reduce the global ecological footprint--despite the seeming inertia of many government bureaucracies. One literally visible manifestation of imbalance is the problem of air pollution in major cities. This article is a welcome contribution to what is in reality a growing databank of successful corporate- and citizen-led initiatives that succeed in going against the tide of inaction towards addressing this, and similar social ills at the local level. The unprecedented role taken by the judiciary in this case is both noteworthy and heartening.
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Patricia Grogg
Feb 11, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Despite its somewhat awkward position in the community of nations, Cuba is increasingly a source for many innovative initiatives that address social and environmental issues and find even wider application outside the country. In the article below, a Cuban innovation in literacy education is giving a new boost to global efforts to fight adult illiteracy.
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By Howard Weiss-Tisman
February 7, 2005 | Brattleboro Reformer, VT

TF! Editorial Comment: More and more people are discovering that the future of agriculture lies in building sustainable production systems. Key to this trend are the efforts of educational institutions as well as individual farmers to spread innovation and excellence. In the article below, an institution working to transform agriculture and empower farmers is recognized for its educational efforts and success in advancing sustainable agriculture in Vermont.