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February 14, 2005 | BusinessWorld

TF! Editorial Comment: Anyone who lives near a piggery can share tales of bad smell and other nuisances. In fact, many agricultural husbandry activities that concentrate many animals in a small area can quickly become pollutive of the local environment. As the article below discusses, efforts are underway to turn point source pollution into a resource -– eg. Waste to energy systems.
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By Rexcel John Sorza
February 14, 2005 | ABS-CBN News

TF! Editorial Comment: The prestigious award recently given to a Philippine marine biologist is particularly meaningful given the fact of the country's significant position in terms of global biodiversity and endemicity in both coastal and upland ecosystems. The article lauds this achievement but makes it clear that Ms. Honculada knows the urgency of the challenges and has no intention, in true award-winning fashion, of sitting on her laurels.
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February 11-12, 2005 | BusinessWorld, Philippines

TF! Editorial Comment: With the serious problems of illegal logging and deforestation once again in the public consciousness, there is a need to deepen understanding and sustain the interest of the general public and policy makers on this issue. One way forward is to highlight stories that provide solutions, as the following article does. Arising from a corporate social responsibility initiative in reforestation, the partnership among government, civil society, and Meralco is demonstrating the potential of both collaborative efforts as well as private sector leadership in addressing environmental problems, among others.
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By Ma. Ceres P. Doyo
Feb 10, 2005 | Philippine Daily Inquirer

TF! Editorial Comment: A number of comparative surveys have pointed to the Philippines as the most spiritual nation on the planet. Transforming this innate spirituality into a conscious force for social change is one of the challenges of comprehensive sustainable development. In the article below, distinction is drawn between religiosity and spirituality with the latter being indispensable to true nation building, and indeed, one might add, to authentic self-realization.
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Rudy A. Fernandez
February 7, 2005 | The Philippine Star

TF! Editorial Comment: As anyone driving through rural areas can attest, virtual mountains of rice hulls appear at regular intervals where rice mills are located. This typical "waste" stream—-a real problem for the mills--is actually an underappreciated resource waiting to be utilized. One promising initiative is discussed in the article below, where a fuel-efficient rice hull stove has been developed to help solve the twin problems of rice hull disposal and fuelwood scarcity for the rural poor.