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Thalif Deen
Jun 3, 2005 | Inter Press Service News Agency

TF! Editorial Comment: The TruthForce! framework for integral sustainable development highlights the importance of enhancing the interaction among business, government and civil society as part of social threefolding. The emergence of global civil society as a third force is changing the concept and practice of governance--a development not lost on the U.N.'s Kofi Annan as discussed below. Buoyed by past successes, civil society is mobilizing to address a range of key global issues creating new opportunities for principled collaboration and for involving young people in the challenges that define our times.
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May 10, 2005 | Foundation Center

TF! Editorial Comment: There is an increasing recognition that many problems transcend the ability of any one institution--or sphere of society--acting alone to solve. And in many cases, innovative partnerships are showing a way forward that mobilizes different capacities and perspectives in a creative process that often works toward sustainable development. In the article below, the Clinton Global Initiative is attempting to bring together government, business and civil society in an effort to address global challenges.
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Endy M. Bayuni,
11 February 2005 | The Jakarta Post, New Delhi

TF! Editorial Comment: Recent headlines have been replete with references to Davos and Porto Alegre and the competing visions of globalization and development among civil society, government and business. While the World Social Forum is primarily a civil society gathering, the World Economic Forum tends to be associated with business and political leaders. In the article below, a relatively unknown effort referred to as the "Helsinki Process" seeks to build consensus through a tri-sectoral approach involving the three global powers – civil society, government and business.
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January 3, 2005 | AME Info, United Arab Emirates

TF! Editorial Comment: Tri-sector partnerships among government, business and civil society are a social innovation that holds great potential for many activities that seek to build a more sustainable future. There is a danger, however, that one or more parties is pursuing a hidden agenda, but trust-building measures and performance indicators can create opportunities for authentic collaboration towards higher-level goals. In the article below, Shell Oil is building partnerships with local governments and civil society in the UAE under its concept of corporate social responsibility.
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Rinaldo Brutoco
Spring/Summer 2004 | Kosmos Journal

TF! Editorial Comment: Many are beginning to see the tri-sectoral or threefold nature of global social life through the activity of civil society, governments and business. There is also increasing understanding of the essential and complementary roles of the institutions of culture, polity and economy in the pursuit of integral sustainable development. As the article below discusses, the balance of power is shifting and new paradigms are necessary in order to harness a growing global collective intelligence towards sustainable development. Economic power implies greater responsibility and business must be conducted "in a way that is sustainable for society and the planet."