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By Katherine Adraneda
August 22, 2005 | The Philippine Star

TF! Editorial Comment: The death of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. inspired and galvanized the opposition to the Dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and led to the first "people power revolution"--an attempt to restore authentic democracy in the country. On his death anniversary, August 21, PAG-ASA, a spiritual-cultural movement held a prayer rally and cultural event yesterday at the People Power Monument and called for the resignation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the renewal of Philippine democracy as described in the article below, which appeared on the front page of the Philippine Star.

A group claiming to represent the "silent majority" scored the mass apathy of Filipinos at a prayer rally held at the People Power Monument on EDSA in Quezon City yesterday.
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Panjee Tapales Lopez
August 21, 2005

Last week, I began my column with a personal memory of the days that followed Ninoy Aquino's death. Today we mark its 22nd anniversary. This afternoon, many of us will converge at the People Power Monument to celebrate hope and inspire those still mired in apathy to wake up and be heard. "Ipagdiwang Liwanag ng Pag-Asa" will happen this afternoon. It will be a few hours of artistic performances, interfaith prayer, reflections, and sharing for a better Philippines.

A text I received last week implored me not to mislead people by saying we are celebrating Ninoy's death anniversary when all we want is GMA's resignation. How can you mislead anyone when you are calling for an authentic restoration of truth? I had to remind this reader that one of the first to ask for GMA's resignation was Cory Aquino, Ninoy's widow. Yes, we are calling for GMA's resignation but it is part of a deeper and higher call for truth and integrity not just in government, but in every institution and individual, ourselves included. It is not a call for disunity. It is a call for unity through the path of cleansing, truth-telling and truth-living-- the only way we can defend and renew our democracy.
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Former Cabinet Official Details her Perilous Foray into the World of Politics

By Nicanor Perlas
August 14, 2005 | TruthForce! News and Features (TNF)

TruthForce! recently met with Dinky Soliman, former Cabinet Secretary for Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to discuss her courageous public apology for accommodating dirty politics and manipulating the poor. As head of DSWD, Secretary Soliman oversaw the government's efforts to address the needs of millions of poor families across the country. However, to achieve her goals, Secretary Soliman had to deal with the dirty world of traditional politics, a world of pressure, questionable accommodations, dirty tricks, and corruption. Her soul became the battlefield for the struggle between her own higher ideals and principles and the compromises she thought she had to make in order to make a real difference in the life of the poor.
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DJ Yap
Aug 12, 2005 | Philippine Daily Inquirer

TF! Editorial Comment: The current crisis of governance in the country is prompting a deeper soul searching amongst Filipinos struggling to advance a visionary Philippines—a country animated by its deepest values, principles and moral/spiritual underpinnings. In the article below, Honey Carandang speaks about the need to confront truth before true healing can begin when dealing with psychological trauma – in this case, a national trauma.
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By Tina Arceo-Dumlao
August 07, 2005 | Inquirer News Service

TF! Editorial Comment: There are many ways that young people can be active in gaining experience and contributing to both social development and their own education. Many volunteer programs offer opportunities for young people to get involved. As discussed in the article below, Students in Free Enterprise (Sife) is a worldwide non-profit organization that encourages students to share their knowledge and skills with remote communities. Four students in Mindanao are among those who are finding fulfillment in helping others through this program.