Posted on January 1, 2005 - 5:34pm :: Editorial
By Nicanor Perlas
01 January 2005

From 21-23 January 2005, the nation will focus its attention on Karangalan, the First National Conference and Festival on, "Mobilizing Excellence for Creating a Visionary Philippines". Thousands will personally attend the event at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Millions more will get a glimpse of the Karangalan event through TV, radio, and newspapers. (See article on "Tri-Media Discovers Karangalan.)
Posted on January 1, 2005 - 5:30pm :: ISD-Societal Change
01 January 2005 | TruthForce!

Will Intensify Coverage of Wide-Ranging Filipino Excellence as Basis for a Visionary Philippines

The news has been quietly making the rounds in the past months. But in recent weeks, the buzz noticeably got stronger. Word of mouth has it that Karangalan is THE event to join in 2005. And the buzz has caught the eye of mainstream tri-media.

As the January 21-23, 2005 date for the event draws near, the "rumor" has escaped the boundaries of person-to-person news communication. The New Year opens with increasing media coverage of Karangalan, the First National Conference and Festival on "Mobilizing Excellence to Create a Visionary Philippines" at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Karangalan organizers expect thousands, together with dozens of globally and nationally awarded Filipinos, to map out the prospects for a better Philippines.
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Panjee Tapales Lopez
January 2, 2005 | TruthForce!

The New Year has barely rolled in and already Mother Nature has shown her strength. Just this last month, our part of the world has experienced such soul-rattling loss. We shake our heads at the cruel timing of these tragedies: Christmas—when all should be happy, festive, peaceful and bright. Should it?

When I think of all my Christmases as an adult, I can’t say that the feeling of joy stands out. In fact, it is almost the opposite. My Christmases have always been tinged with heaviness, some sadness and definitely a lot of inwardness. It is always a time of inner struggle—especially since becoming a mother—to awaken and understand that TRUE "Christmas Spirit" and carry it within me for my children to experience.
Posted on December 26, 2004 - 9:45pm :: Contributors
By Panjee Tapales Lopez
December 26, 2004 | The Philippine STAR

TF! Editorial Comment: Fed up with the increasingly materialistic and consumerist encroachment on Christmas celebrations, some parents are swimming against the tide to find new ways of instilling reverence, devotion and quiet contemplation to the season, especially for the sake of the children.