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By Nicanor Perlas
January 8, 2004

Last night, as part of its 2004-2005 concert season, the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra played an amazing number of complicated pieces. Eugene Castillo, PPO's young, dynamic, globally renowned conductor, ably led the veteran members of the orchestra into the labyrinth and cascade of harmonies that deeply stimulated the audience.

This exciting event triggered insights on some key elements needed to achieve national transformation. It also helped developed a deeper appreciation of what Karangalan has been trying to do in its attempt to sow hope and harvest a nation, the subject of last week's editorial.
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Michael H. Shuman & Merrian Fuller
Jan 6, 2004 | Yahoo News

TF! Editorial Comment: Most civil society organizations do not generate sufficient revenue to support their activities. In spite of the fact that their efforts build social, ecological and other forms of capital, society has yet to find the way to ensure an appropriate flow of financial support for these organizations and efforts. This has created any number of problems and challenges. In the article below, the authors suggest one way to remedy the situation is for civil society organizations to spin off for-profit ventures that can restore the healthy flow of economic support to what are essentially cultural activities.
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Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

Dec 29, 2004 | Hindustan Times, India

TF! Editorial Comment: Entrepreneurship most often connotes the creative endeavors of individuals in the realm of the economy. But this creativity is not limited to the economy. Numerous creative individuals are shaping positive social change through their actions in culture, governance as well as in the economy. Some are using the term "cultural creatives" to describe this group. The following book review talks about the concept of social entrepreneurs—those individuals working to change the world, often through civil society organizations or other non-profit efforts.
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January 5, 2005 | Inquirer News Service

TF! Editorial Comment: Traditionally governments units are relied upon to deliver basic services and infrastructure improvements. But when the system fails to deliver, there is usually little recourse. But when a community comes together in true bayanihan fashion, much can happen. In the article below, one community in Samar is not letting government inaction get in the way of their quest for better infrastructure.
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By Diane Smith
January 3, 2005 | Fort Worth Star Telegram

TF! Editorial Comment: Think globally and act locally has been one of the rallying cries of a new global citizenship. It can take on many forms. In the article below, young graduates and college students are reaching across the globe to help a community in Uganda achieve self-reliance.
Posted on January 8, 2005 - 11:38pm :: Social Threefolding | Conscious
January 3, 2005 | AME Info, United Arab Emirates

TF! Editorial Comment: Tri-sector partnerships among government, business and civil society are a social innovation that holds great potential for many activities that seek to build a more sustainable future. There is a danger, however, that one or more parties is pursuing a hidden agenda, but trust-building measures and performance indicators can create opportunities for authentic collaboration towards higher-level goals. In the article below, Shell Oil is building partnerships with local governments and civil society in the UAE under its concept of corporate social responsibility.
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By Kate Saunders
January 4, 2005 | Wayne Suburban Newspapers, PA

TF! Editorial Comment: A brief tour of the self-help section of the bookstore speaks volumes about how many people are struggling to find purpose and meaning in life--passion for what they are doing--amidst the demands of the "real world". Following one's heart and passion often leads to "unconventional" paths. In the article below, one young woman was drawn to South Africa and is making a difference there working with teenage mothers.
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By Adam Stone & Lija McHugh
January 4, 2005 | Daily Stanford (USA)

TF! Editorial Comment: TruthForce! actively researches articles that feature social innovators who are pursuing social change. In the article below, the Stanford University paper plans to regularly feature social entrepreneurs (See Related Articles, this issue) as part of an appreciative inquiry effort and an attempt to make the world a better place. We hope to feature some of their profiles in the coming months.
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Stephen Leahy
Dec 30, 2004 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: There has been extensive coverage of genetically engineered foods and the potential risks they entail. Now, crops are being targeted to produce pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals. In the rush to commercialize the latest technology, critics are warning of the high risk of contamination of both food and environment which would ultimately undermine confidence in the food supply. As the article below discusses, amidst on-going debates about risks and benefits, the lack of adequate regulations coupled with a rush to commercialize is a recipe for disaster.