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By Nicanor Perlas
29 January 2005

Many are asking. After all the preparation and the expectations, how did the Karangalan Event turn out? Let us listen to a distillation of what dozens of participants had to say personally or thru SMS messages that flooded the organizers starting from the very first day of the event.

Overwhelming Success
"The event is just the beginning! But today is already goose-bumps day. . . . . This conference is blowing me away! . . . . I am energized!
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By Panjee Tapales Lopez
30 January 2005 | The Philippine STAR

I stood on the balcony watching the crowd below. People milled about the theater lobby. Soon the rhythm of drums and gongs filled the air and the Mitu’s Tribe ensemble began their dance. People smiled and nodded tentatively at first, then slowly the feet tapping, hand clapping and hooting began. Before I knew it, abandoned shoes and handbags dotted the floor as people from the audience joined in. It was enlivening to see such spontaneous and spirited expression! Thus opened the First Karangalan Conference and Festival.
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January 25, 2005 | UN Organization

TF! Editorial Comment: We often feature articles on sustainable agriculture to draw attention to the many efforts that are leading the way in demonstrating a healthier, safer, more productive and life-sustaining approach to farming. In the article below, the United Nations is affirming the role of organic farming in improving livelihoods but much remains to be done in terms of government support and consumer education.
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By Ayn Veronica de Jesus photo by Marianne Bermudez
January 26, 2005 | Manila Times

TF! Editorial Comment: Micro-finance programs primarily target women micro-entrepreneurs. And these women are helping support their families, propelling the rural economy, and literally working their way out of poverty. In the article below, three women entrepreneurs are featured with many thousands more engaged in similar efforts to build a better life through economic endeavor.
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January 26, 2005 | Sustain Online, Switzerland

TF! Editorial Comment: We often include articles on corporate social responsibility (CSR) to highlight efforts by the business community to contribute to sustainable development. There is no question of the powerful role that business plays in capital formation, employment and meeting genuine needs for goods and services. But as discussed in the article below, some argue against CSR as a distraction from seeking increased profit and shareholder value. But a greater number of businesses are seeing CSR as a pillar of corporate strategy and an obligation to contribute to the greater social good.
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By Corazon C. Aquino
January 25, 2005 | The Philippine Star

TF! Editorial Comment: In a time of political upheaval, a housewife became an unlikely leader of and symbol for the various forces seeking hope. It is now a different time and while there is no longer a dictator to oppose, the country still confronts the urgent challenge of sustainable development. And Corazon Aquino's leadership is still a beacon for change. In recent years, she has, as private citizen, returned to the theme of hope. In particular, she has said, hope lies in the work of civil society, including NGOs, that seek to better lives and countrysides. In the article, she seeks to get behind successful NGO work in the intractable areas of housing and livelihood opportunities, citing the effectiveness of microfinance among others. In difficult times, a leader is needed to simply show the way. She has chosen to share the light with new leaders that have risen to the call of the times and the many ways hope can be realized.
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By Rose Dela Cruz
January 25, 2005 | The Philippine STAR

TF! Editorial Comment: One of the challenges in rural development is the expansion of value added enterprises in agriculture. In the article below, one Aklan-based entrepreneur is finding success in a variety of innovative products that add value to locally sourced produce.
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By Ma. Ceres P. Doyo
January 25, 2005 | Inquirer News Service

TF! Editorial Comment: The Filipino's legendary capacity to laugh at his or her troubles may only be matched by the capacity to persevere through troubles that refuse to fade away--and they are legion. This article on the holding of the First Karangalan Conference may exemplify this capacity although it moves from perseverance to appreciative inquiry and positive action. The conference, and future offerings thereof, also highlights two other calls of the day: to move from despair to hope to action, and to move with allies in all sectors towards the shared vision of a better Philippines.
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By Dennis D. Estopace
January 25, 2005 | ABS-CBN

TF! Editorial Comment: While the title of this article may be misleading, an increasing number of businesses are stepping in to address larger social issues, including poverty under an umbrella concept called corporate social responsibility. In the Philippines, the group Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) is aligning its thrusts with the Millennium Development Goals of the UN in an effort to mobilize the business community to move collectively in addressing critical social issues.
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Mario Osava
Jan 21, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: The World Social Forum arose, in part, as a response to the narrow economic focus and exclusivity of development forums epitomized by the world economic forum. Believing that the economy is embedded in a larger social, human and environmental context, the World Social Forum strives to embody transparency, inclusivity, diversity and participation towards building a better world. At this foremost gathering of global civil society, conveners struggle to ensure that both substance and process meet expectations and advance the Forum's lofty and laudable goals.
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María Vega
Jan 21, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: By now, the effectiveness of micro-finance as an anti-poverty approach is well-known to most development and funding institutions. From Asia to Africa and from Ethiopia to Bangladesh, the success of micro-finance has been in evidence these past couple of decades. The article below discusses the UN's confidence in the ability of microfinance, and similar programs, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals as planned. The mystery is why there is not more support for these progressive initiatives.
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Qurratul Ain Tahmina*
Jan 24, 2005 | IPS/TerraViva

TF! Editorial Comment: The annual staging of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland begs the question: development for whom? Despite rapid advancements in technology, and despite creative innovations in the use and investment of money, poverty and inequity continue to flourish in most parts of the globe, unemployment continues to rise along with hunger and deaths through preventable illnesses. The article below covers one of many hopeful stories that sheds light on another world that is coming up from the grassroots and making a more significant impact on development, proving once again that the people, with the right support, often have the solution to their own problems.