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By Nicanor Perlas
05 February 2005 | TruthForce!

Recently tens of thousands of activists from around the world gathered at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in Brazil. Meanwhile, the global elite gathered in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum. Albeit from different and mostly contrasting perspectives, both gathered to address the problems facing the future of the planet. Both however failed to address the technological tsunami facing humanity, the tsunami of technological singularity.
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By Panjee Tapales Lopez
Feb. 6, 2005 | The Philippine Star

Last Sunday, as I worked on my younger son’s photo album, I turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. There was nothing on but reruns and showbiz talk shows. I couldn’t sit through any of them. The longest segment I could watch was an interview of Lucy Torres Gomez. She was defending herself against nasty rumors that have been circulating through e-mail. Earlier, I had skimmed through her newspaper column and was horrified at the e-mail she had reprinted to show what people – all of them strangers – were saying about her. I watched because she was so poised, calm and regal. It was such a welcome contrast to the general inanity and hysteria that mark these shows. At the end of the segment, one of the hosts said, "Marami pang chismis sa aming pagbabalik. Chismis lang ha. Hindi iyong nakakasakit sa tao…." I wonder how he made that distinction.
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February 3, 2005 | ABS-CBN

TF! Editorial Comment: Across the Philippines, the throw away society is producing mountains of garbage and headaches for municipalities, activists and communities alike that are concerned with sustainable development. In the article below, one Philippine town has taken decisive action to address solid waste management in what could be a model for other towns.
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A nonprofit explores radical approaches to restoring the earth

By Patricia Watts, Community Arts Network
February 3, 2005 Issue | UTNE Reader Online

TF! Editorial Comment: Art is already a powerful medium of communication. When combined with environmental activism, artistic approaches open new avenues not only for the experience of art but also for transforming our connection with nature. As the article below describes, artists are using "ecoart" to awaken communities' environmental awareness in unique ways. (visit the original web site for the full story.)
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By Adam Hochschild
Jan. 31, 2005 | The State, South Carolina, USA

TF! Editorial Comment: History is replete with instances where an individual or small group was instrumental in large-scale social change. These are stories of courage and conviction that offer hope to all who aspire for a better world. In the article below, one of many defining moments is described wherein a small group dared the impossible to stand up for truth, justice and universal human rights in their avowed effort to end slavery.
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Hilmi Toros*
Jan 28, 2005 | IPS/TerraViva

TF! Editorial Comment: Since the creation of the World Social Forum as the alternative venue to discuss solutions to the worlds myriad problems, government, business and civil society on both sides have engaged in a battle of ideas, visions and proposals. The dimensions of this struggle of our times are symptomatic of global civil society's emergence as a third global force alongside governments and business. The following article draws this distinction between Porto Alegre and Davos but also points out the ever greater need to build partnerships among business, government and civil society.
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Gustavo Capdevila
Jan 28, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Many corporations are striving to meet a "triple bottom line" and join of a growing number of socially responsible enterprises. Corporate claims, however, must match reality on the ground and not become a glossy cover for "business as usual". In the article below, civil society is mobilizing its cultural power around the World Economic Forum to put a spotlight on WEF members including Dow Chemical, Shell, Wal-Mart and KPMG International for what are termed irresponsible corporate practices.
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Hilmi Toros*
Jan 29, 2005 | IPSTerraViva

TF! Editorial Comment: There is a growing clamor for reform of most, if not all global institutions, many of which were founded over 50 years ago. In the article below, civil society groups at the World Social Forum are articulating a new vision for the UN—-one that stresses human security and calls for greater democracy, representation and accountability.
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Dalia Acosta
Jan 31, 2005 | IPS

TF! Editorial Comment: Long known for its many valuable uses, bamboo—a fast-growing grass species--is being rediscovered as a contributor to sustainable development. In the article below, Cuba is awakening to bamboo's multiple uses including its potential as both a source of livelihood and social transformation.