U.S. Sells the Most Weapons to Developing Nations

Posted on September 3, 2005 - 10:31pm :: Politics | ISD-World Affairs
by Lolita Baldor September 1, 2005 | Associated Press TF! Editorial Comment: The U.S., among others, is known for its global war on terrorism. Many have commented on the root causes of this violence—poverty, exclusion, alienation, one-sided education and fundamentalisms. In this context, it is difficult to see how the U.S. can stand for peace, justice and development while also leading the world in the sale of weaponry to developing nations. In the article below, a recent report shows that the U.S. continues to profit from the sale of weapons to developing countries with worldwide weapon sales to developing countries totaled $22.5 billion last year alone. And these sales are to countries with severe budgetary constraints that impact healthcare delivery, housing, education, environmental conservation and other basic necessities—foundations for a sustainable future.