Civil society transcends right-left gap

Posted on September 17, 2005 - 8:04pm :: Social Threefolding | Conscious
By Severyn T. Bruyn September 15, 2005 | Christian Science Monitor TF! Editorial Comment: Culture is the realm of ideas values, worldviews, identity, ethics, art, and spirituality among others. This is the realm of civil society and cultural power in contradistinction to the political power of government and the economic power of business. The autonomous interaction of these three institutions in pursuit of integral sustainable development constitutes threefolding. In the article below, the author points to the rise of civil society in the U.S. context as an answer to the "values-vacuum" created by narrow pursuit of economic and political power especially corporate-driven globalization and U.S. unilateralism—a development with the power to transform social life.