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Margie Quimpo-Espino
October 2, 2005 | Inquirer News Service

TF! Editorial Comment: An increasing number of Filipinos choose to work abroad -- a phenomenon which is often viewed negatively. That so many find success in foreign countries, however, is a testament both to their abilities and to the possibilities for mobilizing this talent locally to build a sustainable society. In the article below, a foreigner assigned in the Philippines extols the world class talents and capacities of Filipino workers -- as an untapped "mother lode."
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By Elsie Kalaw Santos
September 22, 2005 | Cyberdyaryo

TF! Editorial Comment: Haydee Yorac passed away on September 13, leaving behind a legacy of dedication to public service. In the article below, an interviewer recounts her exchange with Haydee Yorac and affirms her place in Philippine history with a recounting of her exemplary life of service and commitment to excellence.
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By Rexcel Sorza
August 26, 2005 | Islam Online, Qatar

TF! Editorial Comment: In spite of the enormous contribution women have made in all continents to the cause of peace, only 12 Nobel Peace Prize awards have gone to women in the 104 year history of the award. Now, a group of people is working to win the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize for a thousand female peacemakers across the globe. In the article below, 3 women from the Philippines are being honored for their efforts to bring peace and development to the strife-torn island of Mindanao.
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Former Cabinet Official Details her Perilous Foray into the World of Politics

By Nicanor Perlas
August 14, 2005 | TruthForce! News and Features (TNF)

TruthForce! recently met with Dinky Soliman, former Cabinet Secretary for Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to discuss her courageous public apology for accommodating dirty politics and manipulating the poor. As head of DSWD, Secretary Soliman oversaw the government's efforts to address the needs of millions of poor families across the country. However, to achieve her goals, Secretary Soliman had to deal with the dirty world of traditional politics, a world of pressure, questionable accommodations, dirty tricks, and corruption. Her soul became the battlefield for the struggle between her own higher ideals and principles and the compromises she thought she had to make in order to make a real difference in the life of the poor.
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By Tina Arceo-Dumlao
August 07, 2005 | Inquirer News Service

TF! Editorial Comment: There are many ways that young people can be active in gaining experience and contributing to both social development and their own education. Many volunteer programs offer opportunities for young people to get involved. As discussed in the article below, Students in Free Enterprise (Sife) is a worldwide non-profit organization that encourages students to share their knowledge and skills with remote communities. Four students in Mindanao are among those who are finding fulfillment in helping others through this program.