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By Joel Makower
01 Nov 2005 | Grist Magazine

TF! Editorial Comment: Few people are perhaps aware of the toxic mixture of cleaning agents that comprise the typical janitorial "arsenal." Institutional cleaning alone uses some 6 billion pounds of formulated chemicals a year, chemical which persist in building interiors but also find their way "downstream." In the article below, corporate sustainability guru Joel Makower exposes the addiction to chemicals that describes current janitorial practices and the real possibilities for a change to "green cleaning" practices.
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by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

November 3, 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: Truthforce! has featured a number of articles recognizing the emergence of a nascent corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement. Genuine CSR has the potential to be the leading edge for a new approach to sustainable business practices. As discussed in the article below, however, CSR is vulnerable to hijacking by the PR machines of corporations with little intention to change.
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November-December 2005 | Resurgence Magazine Issue 233

TF! Editorial Comment: The government of Ethiopia is supporting the development of organic agriculture as a pathway to food security. In the article below, argues for the fundamental rethinking of economic and agricultural development towards a sustainable agriculture that can feed the world.
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by Eleanor Wason
October 25, 2005 | San Diego Union Tribune

TF! Editorial Comment: One aspect of cultural power is consumer demand. By altering brand perception and buying habits, organized consumers can impact even large corporations. Using "ethical coffee" as an example, the article below describes a growing consumer awareness with the power to shift corporate practices.
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Jamais Cascio
October 21, 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: We have featured many articles on microfinance as a strategy to empower the poor and reduce poverty. News of its success is spreading and the number of families reached by microfinance programs is increasing exponentially. In the article below, new approaches are taking advantage of the power of the internet to directly connect microfinance lenders and borrowers through a peer-to-peer, distributed model.