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Sanjay Suri
Oct 11, 2005 | Inter Press Service (IPS)

TF! Editorial Comment: Peru is the global center of diversity for potatoes. It is also becoming a center of activism against genetic engineering in agriculture, especially the 'Genetic Use Restriction' or "Terminator" Technology which is being pushed by international agri-business corporations like Syngenta. As discussed in the article below, it is Peru's indigenous farming communities who are speaking out in defense of biodiversity, farmer rights and sustainability.
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Written by Rob Williams
13 September 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: A few days ago, there was a massive transportation strike in a number of regions in the Philippines. The mobilizations attacked the on-going increases in oil prices that are becoming a burden to many Filipinos, especially the poor. Unfortunately, the bulk of this problem lies outside the Philippines. Welcome to the world of "peak oil", the beginning of the end of the petroleum age. It is important for all to know, especially Filipinos, that the problem of "peak oil" will not go away in a few months. It is here to stay. It is time to radically overhaul how we all view the role of oil and energy in society and act swiftly to stem the crisis. Among others, we should begin large-scale efforts to conserve, increase energy efficiency and mainstream renewable and clean energy sources. One of the earliest "voices in the wilderness" in this issue of peak oil is Michael Ruppert, best-selling author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. The interview below outlines some of his dire predictions for the future, which necessitate the reinvention of "some of our most basic and fundamental social and political policies around energy, agriculture, money, etc."
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by George Monbiot

August 30, 2005 | ZNet

TF! Editorial Comment: The reconstruction of Iraq is still getting headlines, unfortunately not so much for positive developments but rather the many obstacles on the path to peace and stability. The attempt to create a new constitution that enshrines democratic principles and human rights is but the latest example of flawed U.S. policies. Well-known commentator George Monbiot weighs in below with an analysis of the problematic constitutional process in Iraq that brings to the fore questions of the meaning of participation in the age of representative democracy.
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by Christopher Schaefer, Ph.D.
Summer 2005 | Lilipoh Magazine

TF! Editorial Comment: The statue of liberty in the U.S. stands for the ideals of democracy and political freedom. Many would argue that today, this is an empty symbol in a U.S. bent on unilaterally projecting its power. The article below discusses the political, economic and spiritual dangers to both the US and the world over the "war on terror" and the ascendancy of the forces of neo-conservatives and the Christian right in their campaign to remake American domestic and foreign policy.
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Joel S. Hirschhorn
Jul 29, 2005 | Persian Journal, Iran

TF! Editorial Comment: The U.S. likes to see itself as a "champion of democracy." And indeed, the founding concepts of republican representative democracy as envisioned by the U.S. "founding fathers" are noble and grand. Unfortunately, the U.S. experiment with democracy is in serious decline, and hardly worthy of imitation, as discussed in the article below.