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Mario Osava
Oct 31, 2005 | Inter Press Service (IPS)

TF! Editorial Comment: Around the world, social movements are questioning the failure of electoral democracy to address fundamental social justice issues such as poverty, inequality and environmental destruction, among others. As discussed in the article below, "people's assemblies" in Brazil are providing spaces for the re-visioning of development and for the beginnings of a more participatory democracy.
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Emily Gertz
October 31, 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: The increasing availability and proliferation of mobile telephony is radically changing the communication landscape. Short message service (SMS) or text messaging is a big part of this revolution that has taken off in many countries, especially in the global South. The article below describes innovations in using text messaging for social justice campaigns in Africa.
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Thomas Moore
November-December, 2005 | Resurgence Magazine Issue 233

TF! Editorial Comment: The hustle and bustle of modern life is also accompanied by an almost ever present background noise. Noise pollution affects us in many ways and children are even more susceptible. The article below comments on the quality of our soundscapes and the importance of cultivating the art of silence.
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by Rachel D'Oro
October 28, 2005 | Associated Press

TF! Editorial Comment: The evocative power of music has ancient roots. Some songs become anthems for whole communities, even generations. In the article below, a simple folk tune extolling what it means to be human resonates for many amidst the global climate of fear, disparity and conflict.
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Julio Godoy
Oct 20, 2005 | Inter Press Service (IPS)

TF! Editorial Comment: Cultural diversity is defined as the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. Aspects of globalization (especially as regards "pop culture") exert an homogenizing influence that threatens this diversity. With experts predicting that 50% of the world's languages may disappear in the coming century, there is reason for concern. As discussed in the article below, UNESCO has adopted a new international treaty that many see as only a first step in the struggle for the conservation of the world's cultural richness.