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by Ramona Edelin and Maulana Karenga
October 12, 2005 | Amsterdam News, MD USA

TF! Editorial Comment: The million-man march set out to awaken a shared sense of purpose among the African-American community in the U.S. Now 10 years down the road, organizers seek to reinvigorate the movement, setting forth a vision for a sustainable future as a rallying point.
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By Rym Ghazal
October 14, 2005 | Daily Star – Lebanon

TF! Editorial Comment: Changing society is not for the faint-hearted. First heeding the call, individuals or small groups overcome apathy and decide to act, setting in motion the forces for change. As featured in the article below, a young Lebanese woman, feeling enough was enough, decided to mobilize her friends and in the process helping to spark a civil society movement for social change in Lebanon.
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by Deborah James
October 4, 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: The World Social Forum has gained recognition as a focal point for those advocating that "another world is possible". Moving from dissent and critique to well-articulated alternatives has been a struggle, but social change movements are uniting with individuals, academics and youth to share ideas, strategies and insights for creating a sustainable future. In the article below, the Global Economy Director of Global Exchange shares an impassioned report on the impressive and underreported social gains being made in Venezuela – host of the World Social Forum 2006.
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Micki Krimmel
September 24, 2005 |

TF! Editorial Comment: Movies are a powerful medium for communicating ideas and shaping the way people see the world. Unfortunately, much of this "entertainment" appeals to the lowest common denominator of commercialism. In the interview below, Ben Goldhirsh, a Hollywood newcomer, seeks to mobilize the potentials of film for addressing relevant social issues. His new magazine venture seeks to reinforce the sensibility for what is "good" -- trying to re-brand the culture of good.
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By Ronald S. Lim
September 17, 2005 | Manila Bulletin

TF! Editorial Comment: For almost 50 years now, the Ramon Magsaysay Award, often considered the Nobel Prize of Asia, has been recognizing individuals and organizations that have demonstrated excellence in their fields. Highlighting these often remarkable efforts, the Award goes a long way in reinforcing positive initiatives for change. In the article below, a new volume of "Great Men and Women of Asia," which chronicles the lives of past awardees, celebrates lesser-known heroes and reinforces the value of this distinctly Filipino Award.